Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Bathroom Make-over Begins!

This is the beginning of my second bathroom make-over. This is our upstairs bathroom and as you can see the walls are chocolate brown with a little wallpaper that has a small stripe of blue. I thought seriously about taking down the wallpaper (and eventually I will) but with two graduations parties coming I decided to just make some easy changes for now.
  This is the before picture.
My middle daughter asked me, so sweetly, to take down the quilt. she was tired of it and maybe I was too. You can see the handles on the cabinet, well, I switched them out too but forgot to take a picture. I will take that picture and more as it progresses. I am leaving the basket but the light fixtures were left by the previous owners and they are going too!
 Well, I am off to work but I will post more pictures this weekend and I will post a picture of the give-away items too. Blessings. BTW Farm Chick is having a Farm Photo Friday.. stop by.


Farmchick said...

LOVE's perfect!!

Hope you will join in my Farm photo's just linking up and sharing photos taken at your farm, ranch, garden or out in the country!!

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Gorgeous room! The "after" really highlights the trim around your shower. I've never seen that before and it's just lovely.

Look forward to following you for more!

Anonymous said...

Your bathroom is so pretty! The chocolate paint is lovely and I agree with Kymberly the trim around your shower is just gorgeous :) I love the quilt shower curtain! I have thought of trying that myself.. we do get tired and have to change things up to keep things interesting, and your new shower curtain is lovely too!