Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living With a Purpose!!!

Hello Dear Friends,
  Things here have been so crazy but I am making a choice to live life with a purpose. Sometimes when all the stuff gets in the way you just let it carry you along. I am waiting until my parents get back from Florida. My Mother is still not well but no diagnosis as of today. She sees yet a 4th doctor on Monday.
 I have been feverishly making lists of what needs done before the graduation party in June. Today I was picking out paint chips for the kitchen and next week I am going to check out the counter tops too. The craziness just keeps going on...BUT..
  I am choosing to try to enjoy each day for all the little things that go right. I am taking a little class at the church on the Seven Pillars of Health...which has been quite interesting. My dh and I are taking a class on Sunday evenings and I have (not) enjoyed it so much but I have enjoyed the other couples we have met...they are so sweet.
 Some of the most wonderful things that are happening..well..I have finally started to walk outside again, after such a cold, snowy winter. I am enjoying my job and the friends I have met there! I am spending a few evenings with my dd who is home from college. I am starting to get a new inspiration for my living decorations...for later on this summer.
  I have decided that instead of being stressed I will try to just roll with it and find the good...look for the good...find something interesting...accept what I can't change.
 Yes,  there are make overs coming. I am just finishing another bathroom. I have some changes coming for the back porch...and the kitchen. And I have been working on a makeover of myself...more on that later.
  But most of all I am trying to live each day and making the most of it. I started cleaning closets and drawers but not in a panic but in an enjoyable and organized way...yes...I am having getting rid of so many unwanted, unneeded objects and it feels so good....and yesterday I organized my dh closet and even got him to try on a few things...yep..
   I am trying something new and it feel different. It feels fresh, it feels right. There is so much more..but for pictures...just random thoughts...but I am happy you are here.
   And..a give away is coming soon!!!


Dawn said...

I wish I could be happy about organizing my closets! You have a good attitude.

DogsMom said...

All we can do is take one day at a time and try to find something at the end of each day to be grateful for. Then the next day we must find a reason to roll out of bed and do it again. When we have times of difficulty we have to believe that in the end the positives will outnumber the bad.
You are doing well looking for the positives.