Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Out with the old and here are the new!

I thought you might want to see what we have been working on. Well, really they have been done for a few nights but I just haven't made it to the computer. DH also hung the new garage door on my garden shed now we are ready for the opener and then it will be complete.

These are the old lights that we are replacing now that the painting has been completed. These are the lights that have been beside our front door every since we bought the house. I'm not sure why we have left them for so long but when I saw the lighting selections at Lowes I knew that our old lights were history. The center light looked just light this but I wasn't able to get all three in the same picture.

These are the new lights that I found at our Lowes store. I did have to special order the hanging light but the other two were on clearance so I got them for less than half price. I also purchased a set for each of our buildings because I loved them so much. Enjoy your evening and be blessed.


Meggie said...

Very nice lighting fixtures, Dianntha! I very much like the look.

simple~needs said...

great lights!! i bought new ones this year at lowes too. i think they are on my blog. in may.lol

Gettysburg Homestead said...

I really like those fixtures. I really need some for my house. My house is white my fixtures are white. Ugh how unattractive.


Jean said...

I love, love your new lights especially the hanging light. We need a new hanging light for our front porch, so off to Lowes I will have to go this weekend. Have a great day.
Jean in Virginia

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love that red trim and the lighting!!

This Country Girl said...

Your entry way looks very inviting! Love the lights! Great job on everything!

~ Tammy ~

Cottage Contessa said...

I love your new lights sweetie! What a differance just a little thing like that makes! Hope you're having an awesome day Dianntha!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)