Wednesday, September 10, 2008

County Fair in full swing

This is the wagon filled with all the baked goods to be auctioned off by dh.

Well, last night we went to the county fair and the weather we absolutely wonderful. It was nice and cool and crisp. We did see many people that we hadn't seen in quite a while so that was fun too. When we first got the the fair it was time for the cake and pie auction. My dh was the auctioneer for this even this year. After about an hour and a half of selling, we were done for the evening. Some of the cakes and pies went for $65...they were some cakes let me tell you!
I think that dh is going to go back to the fair tomorrow but for me one day is enough so I will skip it this time. I spent much of the day shopping for homecoming dresses for the girls but we had great luck and they were on were the shoes. So now that task is completed!!!yeah.
Do you ever have so many jobs to do that you don't know were to start? I sat down and made a list of the outside and inside chores and well...tomorrow I don't know where I will start! Maybe making a list isn't such a good idea.
Well, until next time, be blessed.


Meggie said...

Wow, all those goodies on one wagon! I'm glad some little thief with a sweet tooth didn't steal some of them. Hope you made lots of money for a good cause.

This Country Girl said...


The fair sounds like so much fun...the auction and all! I'm ready to go to a fair!

I haven't forgotten your email! I'm always on the laptop and your email address is saved on the upstairs computer. We have a price and shipping quote for you. After lunch, I am going to try to remember to go up and send that your way! Please forgive me....we've been SO busy and I wanted to make sure we gave you an accurate quote on everything!

Happy Thursday!

cornely_84 said...

Hi, I see that you live in Ohio to. I didnt even know the wyandot county fair was goin on. I live in Marion county close to Hardin coutnty. Those goodies look sooo yummy!!

cornely_84 said...

Btw Thats pretty cool that your dh is an auctioneer. My mom and stepdad ran an auction for years in Marion county before my stepdad passed away. Actually maybe you would know eachother!!