Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, the end of the season is here at last!

Oh, aren't these such nice trophys for the girls? This is their league trophy and the tourney trophy. I'm glad they changed colors this year...we have quite a few that are blue.

Dh, who coaches the team, with our two daughters, Delaney and Dyanna. He was a proud coach but a super proud Dad!!!!

This is the wonderful plaque that the team will present to their sponser, First Citizens National Bank. It will hang their proudly this year in remmberance of all the hard work the girls put into the season. It is so fun to see it as we do our banking each month.

This is our team minus the pitcher who left before the ceremony. They are pretty sweet girls and all will be eligible to return but one who graduated this year. We had a beautiful day for a softball game. It was warm and breezy with blue skys. Our team came out blazing and beat the other team 14-3. They were so excited! We took a short break and right back to the field because todays game were the chanpionship and it was double elimination so we started out at 3-0 then 6-3 but we had a very bad inning with too many errors and they went around us 11-6 we came out batting but it ended with 2 runners on base and the final score 10-11. We did our best to make a comeback but sometimes it just doesn't happen but they weren't too disappointed and the trophies are really beautiful. So we ended the year as league champs and 2nd in the tourneys. We are so proud of them


Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations to your beautiful girls, and to hubby too! What a fantastic achievement for them all! Wishing you a wonderful week Dianntha!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kindra said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is fun to read! Looks like you share of things to do on your to-do list too! I guess we all do, it's never ending. :) Thank you for suggestions on my empty space in the rocks. A bench sounds like a great idea. Why didn't I think of that.

Kelli said...

Congratulations to your girls! It sounds like it was a fun season!

Linda said...

Hi Dianntha, what a great group of girls! Congratulations to all and your hubby too, on a super season. Hugs, Linda

Meggie said...

Congrats to the girls! Nice looking trophies!!