Sunday, June 22, 2008

A restful Sunday!

This is a picture of our woods. In the distance you can see small white tree. We decided to go and investigate what it was so we walked a little closer to see. It actually was much larger than we first thought. When we stood beside in front if was more like 8-10 feet tall. So it is more of a tree than a shrub with a very unusual smell. We actually still do not know what it is but we are keeping it for now.
At some point we would like to put a small cabin with a pond but that is more like in our retirement years.
I missed church today, I am having a headache for some reason...the kind that usually means a weather storms or something. I hope I am wrong I really wanted to be outside later today just to enjoy summer and not work on the next thing.It is only suppose to be about 78 degrees today so I think that is just about perfect.
We are getting closer to getting our old building cleaned up. The men who are taking the tin think that in one more day they will be finished. It really is getting difficult to mow and try to keep things looking nice with all the mess everywhere but I am trying to be positive because in the end it will be better.
I am going to rest most of the day, I have just been so tired lately...and the kids start life saving lessons tomorrow and of course it is tournament week too so there really will not be any rest at today I rest Enjoy your Sunday and may the Lord bless and keep you.


Storybook Woods said...

Just beautiful, I wonder what it is. Clarice

Jenn said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well, the bush looks pretty standing in front of those trees.

Meggie said...

Hope you chased that darn headache away, Dianntha. Take care!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Take it easy...I am the Queen of Migraines...slow've had a lot going on..get some rest and drink lots of water!!

Donetta said...

Walking on sunshine...That was the very song that I was thinking of when I wrote that.
Hi, How are you? I love your woods. I wish I had my flower book I could look that up for you. Maybe if I remember when /if I get to unpack I'll look it up.