Monday, June 9, 2008

The new fence is here!!!

A glimpse of the garden with the outdoor room in the background.

This is the fence that was crushed by the falling limbs when we trimmed the trees...then you can get a look at the new and improved fence. Quite a change!!

Well, today was a very busy day. I was up and working early this morning because there is just so much to do that I knew we could not get everything done.
My parents came over to help put up my new fence. Dad did all the cutting and drilling, I guess I was just the helper. Mom spent the entire time pulling weeds in my flower beds. I have not done that a single time since we started working on the rental properity...believe me they needed some work.
I thought you might enjoy seeing a before and after pic of the fence and I will include a few snaps of my ever-growning flower garden. I will try to take pic that you can recognize from other seasons.


Jenn said...

I think your flower garden looks great and the new fence looks good too.

Meggie said...

The new fence looks great Dianntha! A project like that seems to go so much better when there are an extra pair of hands or two.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Love the fence...someday I hope to have a white picket fence of my very own!!

Susan L said...

Your place is so beautiful! I loved looking at your pictures.