Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring Is Coming...Right?

 Baby it has been cold outside but Vyntage Barn is gearing up for a Spring  Extravaganza! I am loving the touches of yellow that seem to be appearing. I am not usually a fan of yellow but it just seems so fresh. I have been working on a few pieces of furniture also but I will not be able to get them done for another week or so and then I will share pics.
 This is one of the new pieces for the spring show. It is just lovely and once I get it displayed I will get a better picture of it. We have installed a heater in my shop and it is so much better to be out there. I had been using space heaters but my feet were so cold we just had to make a change.
 Another new piece. It is currently holding some silverware but that will probably change once it gets a little closer.
 I put some of my business cards in this beauty but I am thinking this could be a great place to put my rings at night....I love it. And I could this little jewelry box and it was too beautiful to pass up.
 I had been wondering what colors we were going to feature at the spring sale and we are finding a collection of this beautiful shade of green. I can not wait to see little flowers potted in the vase. I am sure someone will pick this up to give to their Mother as a wonderful present for Mother's day. Our sale will be Mother's day weekend. since losing my Mother it  makes me think she would smile to know that I am honoring her memory with Vyntage Barn and letting this be a place that others can bring their Mothers.
 These are just the pretties of wine anyone?
 But for now were are doing a little expanding at the shop so I can't show much more but you will be the first to see it...keep watching!

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Gumbo Lily said...

You've got lots of fun things! The yellow wreath is very spring-esque!