Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Vacation! Savannah

 Hello Dear Friends,
   I wanted to share some of the pictures of our vacation to Savannah. We stayed in an historic home near the downtown area. I wanted to share some of the awesome decorating that has been done in this home. I will assume that it was professionally decorated. As you see the pictures of the other rooms each day you will understand! This is the foyer right behind the front door! Suitcases seem to be a big hit in the South but has not caught on as much here.

 The stairs (just the beginning of stairs) but they were very padded and you could not hear footsteps as someone went up and down. At the end of the hallway is the bathroom.
 This wonderful old dresser held all the information that we needed for the week. We would leave all our keys and ect. on top so we could get to them easily. We had great weather and it is hard to imagine we almost forgot about this winter we have been having!
 The large white doors lead to the family room and I will share more pictures of it tomorrow.
We had a great time this week and we were so very busy. We visited Tybee almost everyday and maybe should have stayed there but honestly I am so inspired by the decor. More details tomorrow!

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Angela said...

Such a beautiful home. I have lived on Ga.all my life but have only vosited Savannah twice. Loved all the old homes. Glad you had a beautiful home to stay in.