Monday, November 11, 2013

I fixed it Myself!

Friends, I wanted to share my adventure today. I have never fixed anything in my life but for some reason today when my washer started flashing a code again, I was frustrated. It has been doing this for a few days but I keep forgetting to tell my dh so today I thought. I think I can fix it myself!
  So I went to youtube and found the f21 code. It said it could be a plugged drain inside the washer so I looked under the drawer and found the screws.
I never thought about the grease..dang.
I went outside to get the tools but of course the size I needed was not there.
I found the next set and we were in business.
I got the three screws out.
This is the inside of the washer after the panel was off. I knew he said there would be standing water inside the drain so I started to try to unscrew it but let me tell you, this was the most difficult part. It was screwed on so tight and with my broken wrist still not 100 percent. It took a while to get it loose enough to get it off.
When I took the panel off I found the directions. Kinda a weird spot for them.
I put a towel under it to catch the water.
Really....this is what I could anything drain in this mess?????

There was a lot more water than I had planned on! It soaked up all these towels and my slippers.But in the end the main problem was toothpicks. My dh wears one behind his ear (gross) and somehow they must end up in his shirt because I have the evidence...he is in big butt trouble!
  I put it all back together, washed the towels and it didn't cost a thing.
  I have no idea what made me think I could fix it, I guess I just thought I  could so I tried!!!!I saved us some cash and I learned something new!!! It is a great day!

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