Monday, July 22, 2013

Desk Make-Over!

Dear Friends, I worked on a small make over today and I wanted to share. My Brother brought a school desk to my house and asked me to do some magic! It is a small desk but so charming. I decided on a Tiffany green with a white top. I think I showed you the chair I picked up that was chippy white...yes, this is the desk that will go with it. I am letting it dry for now.
It was so muggy that I was afraid to distress it until I left it sit overnight tonight! I also worked on a few other pieces but those are for another day. This desk will be part of our sale in October!
   And my daughter had a birthday and her sister made the cake, with coffee good.
   Tomorrow I am going on a day of picking..that is picking up some new stuff for the sale. But never fear I do have more to share. I am working on a craft room! Pictures to come!

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love how the table looks, nice.....Happy Bday to your daughter, yum, coffee icing, Happy Picking, Francine.