Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crafting the Heat Away and Christmas in July

Hello Dear Friends,  It has been so warm here the last few days. Our heat index is over 100 so I have spent the last few days working on a few crafts that I thought I would share. I love all things Paris so I made a memory box with just a few fun things. I love home decor and this is a unique piece that I made for the barn sale this fall. I have a little more to do to it but this is the start!

I also had been working on a rose tree but it seems like I would get home and then I still didn't have enough roses to finish it. With just a touch of glitter this rose tree will be complete but honestly it was just too hot to go outside to glitter so it will have to wait for another day!
 I was noticing that a few of the bloggers were doing Christmas in July so here is my contribution. I love this deer and I had been wanting to do something to make him glam so here he is will his bells and glitter. This is my version of a snow globe.
 I also completed a memory box that was a touch of vintage..for bird lovers. I enjoy working on crafts today was pretty successful. By the end of the week I should be able to get outside and paint some furniture. The pieces I am working on are coming along and I am excited to be able to finish most of them. Well, I have four new pieces to work on but then I will be caught up! Hoping for a cooler day tomorrow!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I love Christmas in July--it is the only way I can ever Christmas in December

Robin said...

As always you never cease to amaze me with your cleverness!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Your version of a snowglobe is fabulous! How creative. And how 'cool' on such a hot day.
Hope your weekend is extraordinary!
Diane @