Saturday, June 8, 2013

Priming Furniture

Good Morning Friends.
   Have I ever said I hate to paint??? I know, and I paint every But really these are my two projects right now. This is what it looks like with just one coat of primer.  It has been very cloudy and cool here so it has delayed the finishing coats of paint. I have both of these two pieces to finish and then I  move on to a china cabinet. I am hoping to have them all done within the next few days. I decided on a white exterior on this cabinet with a gray inside.
This buffet is going to be a green/blue. At least that is the plan. Sometimes once I start painting I change my mind.
and for dinner...chicken and veggies. Now that is the way to finish a day. But for today, I have to finish a few projects that don't include paint!!! 

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Primitive Stars said...

Hello, love that will look fantastic....Francine.