Friday, June 14, 2013

In Honor of my Dad for Father's Day.

Friends, In honor of Father's Day I am going to share a few pictures of my Dad, in his memory.

 A Vet. of the Korean War. So young and handsome.
 A time when my parents were so very young and happy!
 My Mom was always a sharp dresser and her hair was so fashionable..this is such a wonderful portrait of both of them. Long side burns were the rage.

 On vacation out west somewhere. Dad, Mom and Me.

We had a formal party for my dd 1st birthday and here are some of the important men in my life. Wish my dh was in this one. What a fun time we had! 
Our last Thanksgiving together. They cooked the turkey and we had a wonderful day!!! My favorite men.
  I am thankful for all the things my Dad taught me and all the time he spent with me and my family. And for all the times I would pull in the driveway and he would be working out my house on one thing or another. What great memories we and peace to you, Dad.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great dad! My thanks to him for his service!

Heather Wise said...

This post just pours out your love for your beloved father. Fathers and daughters have a special relationship, don't they? I will be praying for you, as Father's Day must be tough. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures of the special men in your life.

Love and hugs,