Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anticipating a Make-over! Updated!

  Dear Friends,
    Am I the only one who starts thinking about a make over while I am in the middle of a different project? I have been painting furniture and making jewelry..this is after I finished working on my shed!
     I starting thinking about how a few changes and I could change the look of my second floor bathroom. So while I was working on painting I was dreaming of what I wanted this room to look like when it was done. Since I am transforming each room to a more vintage look, I knew I would have to paint the walls and then I thought about painting the cabinets. I have oak cabinets in that bathroom that I have never cared for so a nice soft gray or white sounds so great!
    That bathroom still have the original carpet in it so I have been thinking about what I want the flooring to be also.  Now, I am not ready to do anything to this room but when I dream, the walls will no longer be chocolate brown but I am not sure what I do want them to be and that is ok since I am only dreaming.
     This dream all started with the lighting. The lights by the mirror are beyond out of date but I have looked for months to find something as my inspiration. I knew that I can paint and change the lights now without much expense but with big impact. My dh is too busy to start a big make-over but with a little paint and new lights I know I can start the process. So as I am painting furniture this week, I am dreaming of a make over in the house. Is this how it happens for you too? I will share a picture of the new bathroom lights very soon!Updated...here are the lights that are going up very soon!


marly said...

Yes that happens to me too. The difference is, you act and accomplish and I can't make a decision!

Karen said...

Oh no Dianntha you aren't the only one that does that. When I get to thinking like this ... I ACTUALLY SAY IT OUTLOUD to my husband and he just groans...and we haven't even finished with what we are working on at present...lol
Things will happen in good time - jot down what your ideas are and one day they will formulate into a beautiful bathroom on paper...then all you need to do is DO IT...