Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are Making Progress

  In keeping everything real I wanted to show you what our home has been looking like for a few weeks. This is the foyer and it is packed with most of our furniture. It has been such a mess. Putting down new flooring effects the entire house.

 And in the midst of this we decided to make over our shower before the new flooring went down so this is what we found when we took our shower out. Wonder how old that is and how long it has been there.
 Then here is the dust and the tools to contend with..
 But the new show is wonderful...fabulous..
And finally done too.
  The flooring is done and we are now moving furniture around. I will try to snap more pictures tomorrow but just remember that we are still in progress! This has taken much longer than I had anticipated so I am hoping we are happy with the result....we will see once we are back to one piece.
  Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! W

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Holly Hills Primitives said...

Looking forward to new pics! Happy 4th, Dawn