Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still Moving Furniture

 Why is it that I am always moving furniture out...out of the room and out of the house.
 I keep finding furniture that I do not want in our home anymore so I push it around and then I finally move it out. I am downsizing each room and then I finally just move it outside to my shed. Actually my shed is becoming quite a nice living room. lol
Well, all that is left are the sliders on the carpet. I will be working on organizing more stuff but I also have shrubs that need to be trimmed. Since it has been so hot I just could not get outside to get it done. The dining room is getting more decluttered also but it is almost there. So I wanted to show this update.
  I have been busy but sometimes I look around and it seem nothing gets done. I still have days that I have a hard wave of grief and it comes at such odd times. If you look in the previous post you will see a Christmas cactus on the table...well, all I was doing was carrying it across the room when I burst into tears. That was my Mother's flower and each year when she want to Florida I would take care of it for her. She put white paper and a red ribbon on it so it would be beautiful for me for Christmas. But last summer when she came home she told me to keep it for a while longer...then she passed away. Just picking it up and moving it brought such strong emotions...I miss my parents every day...every single day.


Kit Gana said...

I'm very sorry to hear it from you. Renovating your home is a way of forgetting the past memories. I know you did a good job in here.

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Mario Toma said...

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