Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fine Tuning the Living room

 I have been working a little on adding a few touches to finish the look I wanted for the summer. This jar I used at Christmas and I thought I would bring it back for the summer. I bought a few shells and stuck them inside for the beach theme.
 You probably remember the keys I put together but they seemed so lonely by themselves so I added another little piece I found and I think it is much better.
 More little items I found on the clearance rack....
 This is the bigger view. I want to find something for the open door but still searching for that.
We still have much more to do...
 I am still not happy with this display so I will work on this one next..
And this has to go also...I thought I would find a place for the crocks but so far they just sit on the heater looking at me. They will have to go too.
  I continue to putter around. I do have a few pictures for tomorrow of the new floors. Yesterday I spend the whole day just cleaning. Now how does it get like that??
  Yesterday, that old enemy, grief, tried to steal my joy. I must admit it strikes when I least expect it. I was actually trimming the shrubs...when I was so overwhelmed. My parents used to spend their summers at my home...helping with things and when I am outside sometimes I think that it is almost unbearable without them....then the tear flow and my energy drops...oh my heart has not started to heal. But I know the Lord is with me and somehow I will continue on..but my gardens are taking a hit this year. I just can't work out there...maybe next year. And maybe not!


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breida with a b. said...

what a beautiful home you have! I think you should put a single skeleton key hanging from a ribbon on the inside of that cabinet door - i think it would tie the two parts of the display together.
it sounds like you are mourning the loss of your parents - i hope you're feeling better with time.

breida from breida with a b.