Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Season of Change

Hello Dear Friends,
 I am feeling contrary today. I am feeling tired and,ummmm, not sure what the word is, maybe reflective. Today our youngest left for a road trip with her dear friend and well, I am happy for her. I am happy that we have taught her to be independent and a free spirit. I am sad that she is spreading her wings and flying further away. Let's face it, we raise them to be responsible and then we are sad when it is time for the to use the tools that they have to just live life.
 So many changes are upon me. This has been my last year of home schooling my children. They have each graduated now and that season of our lives is over. I was ready for it to be over, ready to move on but still sad and well reflecting back on all the things I will miss about having our children so near!
 Then of course there have been such big changes with my Mother since March. 
She always spent hours working in her gardens and helping each of us. 
She helped because it was her delight to do so. She was always the first one to volunteer to help and willing to do any job there was. My Mother is not a complainer, she still does not complain. Now, would other people say that about me? No, I don't think they would. She is so sick and now needs someone to take care of her. She often doesn't feel well but she doesn't complain and she is always so grateful. Again, my life has changed because of her in so many ways. I am watching her struggle and fight for good days...I see things that are slipping away. I know that none of our lives will be the same. A new season, a very different season.
 I have known that there was a new season coming and I have been worried about it. Worried that I make good choices about what I am to do. I do not have the answers yet but I am waiting and listening to see what God has planned for me. Sometimes the waiting is the difficult part...but really it is the that still small whisper...from the one who already knows all answers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun!

 Dear Friends, I can't tell you how great it was to spend a weekend having some summer fun with my family!
My dh and our youngest are just finishing up their summer of softball games and they finished in glory!
 Our team finished first in the league and first in tourneys, now that is the way it should be! Saturday was the championship game and  since we had not lost all we had to do was beat the other team once and we would be the champs, so with a 14-7 win, it was all over!
My sweet daughter and my handsome hubby, the coach for the last 11 years!

Teammates and close friends since they were 8 years old!
Our daughter plays first base and this is the pitcher from the team that came in 2nd. They are such good friends and spend their time joking around together and today was not different! We call her our daughter!

We had a day filled with games and a picnic, beautiful weather and laughs. The only tears for the day was when my hubby told the girls that this was his last year of coaching. He cried, they cried, the parents cried too! Bittersweet!

On another note, I visited my Mom today at her home and she was all smiles and having a great day! She was having company and was done with her bath. We are trying a new doctor and she is now taking even more vitamins and drinking lots of water. Of course other things too but we are so blessed because today she was not on any pain medication...not even Advil....PTL! What a great day she was having...and I was too!

So today I am home with my family, and there is much to do but first I am going to spend some time in prayer, then spend some time with my dh and then, well, maybe something creative for a change!
Blessing to each of you and please continue to pray for my Mother!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tis the Season..start...

No I am not talking about Christmas, I am starting Tis the Season, the  Blackbird design in honor of my Mother. Each day as she sits in her chair she watches all the different birds that are on all the feeders we have outside the window. She so loves to see the birds come and go. Mostly, she loves cardinals and when I showed her this design she fell in love with it. So, yesterday I starting stitching in while I was sitting with her and she kept say, "Let me see what you have done now," so today I took it again and she just loves it. I have decided to stitch it when I am with her and we visit and pass the time away.
 I was a little disappointed with the red, poison apple, but I am hoping that when it is finished that is appears more read than it does in person. I am not putting Tis the Season on it, I am replacing the lettering with my Mothers' name and birth year. I now she will be pleased.
  Mom was having a good day today...we are getting our miracle daily, she remains pain free and alert! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Update on my Mom...

For those of you who are following the information on my Mother, I thought I would send a quick update on her condition.
  My Mother is doing alternative treatments since there were no other options for us. Last Tuesday, she took a treatment and the rest of the day she was just exhausted. Then on Wednesday and Thursday she took a turn for the worse, she could not carry on a conversation or stay awake long enough to eat.  I have been beyond scared and sad. I would say that I was crying but as some of you know I cry everyday...I guess I am the crier of the bunch and I did not know that about myself.
  My sister and I spend the night with her on Thursday, fearing the worse...and Friday...Praise the Lord she was chipper again...weak...shaky but she was back to talking. Today, she is weak and shaky but she was eating and talking. She is even thinking about going to my sisters house tomorrow for a short drive. Now I don't know if that will happen but just the thought of her saying she wanted to go...well, I am so thrilled.
 Now, don't get me wrong, I know what is to come...without divine healing, she will not be with us much longer...but I cherish each day....I am so happy we have been blessed with a little more time.
  Tomorrow is Father's day...hug your dad as if there were not more days...because sometimes there aren't!

   This is a tough journey and I know some of you have already been down this road but just a few thoughts. I know that sometimes friends don't ask about Mom because they know it makes me cry (which makes them uncomfortable) but tears don't mean I don't want to talk about it...they mean I am sad. I am sad whether you ask or not but I try to look normal through the pain....I try to...I do...
  If you know someone going through the battle give them a hug and a prayer...that is what they will remember!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Mini Make-Over

 Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my porch. I have spent some time there this year just for the quiet of it! I may let it remain this way until fall. I usually try to changes things up after the 4th of July but I think I am content with it for this year.
I did want to update you on Mom. The last few days she has not been feeling well, she is just exhausted and very pale. Not the  normal chit chat just resting and sleeping. We are hoping she regains some of her strength since we are skipping her treatments today. Please continue your prayers for her to remain pain free.
 On another note, I wanted to share just a few more pictures of happenings here...hope you are not getting bored with it but here it goes.
I had my dh take down the light in the kitchen, which was goldish, and I spray painted it a shiny white. It is so much better. The chains were just not working for me so I bought some beads at Hobby Lobby and fixed it up.
Now you can get a better idea of how it turned out.
 I did start a new cross stitch and I will try to show you that tomorrow. I am short on time today as I head out to see Mom. Please continue your prayers!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

 I wanted to show you a few pictures of my front porch today. i still do not have it painted (the floor needs a new coat of paint) but the decorating is done anyways...!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A quiet Walk Through the Garden!

 First, Dear Friend,  I would like to thank you for sticking with me through this difficult time. Mom is still very weak but continues to be in very little pain and that is such a blessing! Thank you so much for your prayers!
  I have not had any time for make-overs but I have a few more pictures of the gardens that I thought you might enjoy. We are still busy with softball games for one more week so...enjoy the pictures!
A walk down the sidewalk past the frog pond.
A new area to rest and rejuvenate.
A new addition to the garden.
Another new addition to the garden...he was just too cute!
A walk down the driveway!
 Well, this is it for today but tomorrow I will show you the pictures of my front porch all decked out for summer. Again, we covet your prayers for our Mother.

Friday, June 10, 2011

 I am sorry that I have been away but our internet  has been out for days. Today the repair man informed me that our trees need Ok, we will get right after that!
 I spent most of my day today with Mother. I gave her a bath and then took her to see her family doctor. She was very exhausted when she finally got home. Mother was in a good mood but a little less talkative than usual. Some days she looks so sad but she continues to be the strongest person I know. She was able to attend our graduation party and we felt so blessed by that. So...let's move on to some  pictures!
The Graduate and the Grandma!!!! We are proud of you Dyanna! Mother was not feeling well that day. She had just come from the funeral home, her brother pasted about a few days earlier.
We found my little great nieces playing with the dogs...too funny!

So much food!

I think they were having a good time!
We had a day filled with so much fun and laughter. Just for the day we forgot about all the worries and trials we are facing. Just for the day our daughter was a shining star, the princess for a day. What a great relief for me that all went well and our family and friends were so close by.
 So Congrats, my baby girl. May your life be filled with blessings!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just For A Minute

  This sounds like a movie but we had a funeral, a birthday and a graduation party this last few days.
We have been so busy that it is overwhelming. Just wanted to say that Mom is holding her own and she was able to make it to the graduation party for a while and that was just enough to make my daughter just beam. I will update with pictures and all the info but for now keep us in your prayers!