Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Mini Make-Over

 Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my porch. I have spent some time there this year just for the quiet of it! I may let it remain this way until fall. I usually try to changes things up after the 4th of July but I think I am content with it for this year.
I did want to update you on Mom. The last few days she has not been feeling well, she is just exhausted and very pale. Not the  normal chit chat just resting and sleeping. We are hoping she regains some of her strength since we are skipping her treatments today. Please continue your prayers for her to remain pain free.
 On another note, I wanted to share just a few more pictures of happenings here...hope you are not getting bored with it but here it goes.
I had my dh take down the light in the kitchen, which was goldish, and I spray painted it a shiny white. It is so much better. The chains were just not working for me so I bought some beads at Hobby Lobby and fixed it up.
Now you can get a better idea of how it turned out.
 I did start a new cross stitch and I will try to show you that tomorrow. I am short on time today as I head out to see Mom. Please continue your prayers!


Linda said...

Your light looks fabulous.
Thinking of you and your Mom.

Farmchick said...

Love it and I love your porch too!! Hope you are doing well. Come say hi!!

A Perfect Gray said...

oh boy, your dilemma about gray with wood is a good one. not sure what to recommend. maybe a gray with green undertones that would be warm and would go with the wood tones? I'm as stumped as you are on that one! sorry...donna

Storybook Woods said...

So pretty, it is amazing what a coat of white paint xoxo Clarice