Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Sweetest Day

My DH brought home a dozen roses and presented them to me with a kiss....he is such a sweet heart. I wanted to share a picture of them but blog spot seems to be having an issue with posting images right now so it will have to wait.
I also had some pictures of my bathroom before and after....the paper is stripped the paint is drying...the decorting will be next. I am pleased with the way it has turned out so far.
I also purchased my holiday towels for my downstairs bathroom...I adore them but of course I can't share of picture of them either....patience...patience...I am working on that.
I had a wonderful saturday ...I am tired from all the painting. I am thinking that I may put off stripping the wallpaper off my bedroom until after Christmas. I am beginning to concentrate on Thanksgiving and maybe it would be a nice winter project!!! Well, I will return tomorrow and see if I can't get some of the pictures posted!


Priscilla said...

Hi, I just wanted to come over and let you know I awarded you the 'You Make Me Smile Award' I enjoy visiting your blog and wanted to let you know you make me smile! I noticed its Sweetest day where you live, in the uk where I live it is not until Feb 14! We call it Valentines day, I think its the same thing?

Priscilla x

Donetta said...

How delightful to have such a warm gift from your beloved. I think you are getting me to think of what I might like to do with decor. Thank you for helping me to have a better perspective about the fall decor. I really appreciate all the stuff you have done. That is what first drew me to your sight. I looked at the fall beauty.

Meggie said...

Your DH sounds like a "keeper."