Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas in the Dining room!

While I have a few minutes I thought I would share a few pictures of my dining room. I have been so busy with my little business that I am slow at getting my decor done. I moved our white tree into the dining room this year and you can look through the house right to the front door!
I filled  my basket with white flowers with sparkles and we added a light to the cabinet.
Here is a view of the shelf, it has a few Christmas items added to it!
But just to keep it all real. This is my dining room table! It is covered with a puzzle that week work on each weekend.
On the heater you will find all my beautiful items for the table! So if you are struggling with all the Christmas tours with all the perfect houses...don't! Sometimes things are not what they seem.
   I have decided I am not going to look at the open houses tours on the blogs until after Christmas for inspiration for next year but not for comparison for this year! I will share more as I have time!


Primitive Stars said...

Evening, such a pretty tree, love your touches.... I love to do puzzles to in the long winter months.Blessings Francine.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love it that you keep your beautiful Christmassy home livable with a big jigsaw puzzle! I really like your white tree and I've been wanting to buy one, but they all look so cheap. May I ask where you found yours?

Joy said...

Beautiful tree!