Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Furniture Needing a New Home

Hello Dear Friends,
  I have been working on getting the shop back into shape from our November sales. I am featuring some of the furniture for the sale this time. I have sold about 6 pieces in November and I would like to sell a few more in December before we close for the winter!
I have most of the displays done so now I can do the finishing touches.
I have a super cute desk with pink handles that someone is going to love...If I had room I might even keep this one! I am guessing it will be gone.
But I am in love with this one. I am hoping to keep if for the shop but I am guessing it will be gone as well. This one is such a beauty. I love the sparkle and white against the wood. I have a few others but I forgot to take pictures but if I do I will share those as well. If you are close by then stop and see us this weekend!
I almost forgot.  I wanted to share a picture I took this weekend...isn't this the most beautiful ceiling and chandy....LOVE.

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Dena said...

where is your shop located?