Monday, October 20, 2014

Working Yet Enjoying the Season!

Good Evening!!!!! I wanted to share this picture of our beautiful tree. I always enjoy the fall color and this year it is just spectacular. I love driving and viewing the leaves and this day is a wonderful sunny day for it!
  I have been so busy trying to get our new showroom ready for our Christmas Open House that I almost missed the fall colors.
I thought I would share a few pics of what I have been doing. I am going for a more woodsy look on the porch of my building so this is what I came up with today.
I love this potting stand and I decided to carry it on throughout the winter as well. I picked the pine cones off our trees and then took some scissors and snipped of some greens too. I may add some cranberries when it is closer to the open house!
This is the beginning of the woodsy look...with a little sparkle.I will be working on my window house tomorrow as well. I have to have it all complete for this Saturday. We are having a large group of  women visit us on Saturday for a lunch date and shopping. I still have much to complete but I want it to be perfect for their visit. They had asked me to have Christmas ready for them and I am almost ready. I know it seems early but Nov.7-8 is our Open House and this will give me a little extra time to polish everything up for our show.
  We will be opening our new building in November and today we were hanging the chandy and building the check out counter..wish us luck that we finish the details by Thursday so I can breathe.
   I never dreamed we would be this busy and I feel so blessed by all our customers and all the ways they support us! We come so many friends who follow us each sale and I so love that! I have met so many new friends and I am truly blessed.
   We are winding down really. It is our busy season but after that we will close for the season until Mother's Day when we start again! This will give us time to regroup and reorganize and decide on changes for next year! So stay tuned!

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