Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Open House!

Wow, it has been a crazy twenty days. Since our last open house I have been working like crazy to transform my shop into a Christmas wonderland. I had help from my hubby and my SIL and I am so thankful for that! This is the door that greets you come to visit us. I have the porch almost done with the help of my SIL and I will share it next time but for now how about a peek inside?
This is one of the mantles and I am in love with the woodys theme we have. The garland has the giant pine cones that match the wreath.
I added a touch of red to this little cabinet and in person it is stunning!

The natural theme is carried out in a few different areas throughout the shop. But now worries, there is plenty of glitter and sparkle. I will have many more pictures as the days go by.
  We had some ladies from out of state visit us on Saturday and there was much to do but with the help of family and friends we pulled off a wonderful day. The weather was perfect and the leaves were blowing and it was a perfect setting!
   Today I will relax and reflect...I have to decide on a theme for my home this year!

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