Friday, July 20, 2012

Still much to do!

 This is a look from my kitchen doorway through the dining room and into the our front door. I thought it might be easier for you to see how it all goes together.
 Still standing in the same spot, the living room is to the left. Yes that is a dog bed and dog chews on the floor...I just wanted to keep it like it really is. And if you look closely, one of the girls pulled the yellow footstool in the room to the left..again..we live here!
My new curtain rods are still in the box...dh had not had the time to put them up for me. This is a slow make-over but we only work on things when life doesn't get in the way! So baby turns 19. Happy Birthday Little Love!
  I am off to work and then maybe a little back is hurting today! lol Have a good day.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fine Tuning the Living room

 I have been working a little on adding a few touches to finish the look I wanted for the summer. This jar I used at Christmas and I thought I would bring it back for the summer. I bought a few shells and stuck them inside for the beach theme.
 You probably remember the keys I put together but they seemed so lonely by themselves so I added another little piece I found and I think it is much better.
 More little items I found on the clearance rack....
 This is the bigger view. I want to find something for the open door but still searching for that.
We still have much more to do...
 I am still not happy with this display so I will work on this one next..
And this has to go also...I thought I would find a place for the crocks but so far they just sit on the heater looking at me. They will have to go too.
  I continue to putter around. I do have a few pictures for tomorrow of the new floors. Yesterday I spend the whole day just cleaning. Now how does it get like that??
  Yesterday, that old enemy, grief, tried to steal my joy. I must admit it strikes when I least expect it. I was actually trimming the shrubs...when I was so overwhelmed. My parents used to spend their summers at my home...helping with things and when I am outside sometimes I think that it is almost unbearable without them....then the tear flow and my energy drops...oh my heart has not started to heal. But I know the Lord is with me and somehow I will continue on..but my gardens are taking a hit this year. I just can't work out there...maybe next year. And maybe not!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Dining room updated

 Now that the flooring is coming to an end I thought I would share the room again in a little more detail. You can see the floor in this picture and get a view of the room from the living room. This room is much bigger than it appears...

 This is a picture of me and Mom. My daughter designed this for me for Christmas...I adore this picture of us!

And just for fun...a large print.... I forgot to take a picture of my china cabinet so I guess it will be for another day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still Moving Furniture

 Why is it that I am always moving furniture out...out of the room and out of the house.
 I keep finding furniture that I do not want in our home anymore so I push it around and then I finally move it out. I am downsizing each room and then I finally just move it outside to my shed. Actually my shed is becoming quite a nice living room. lol
Well, all that is left are the sliders on the carpet. I will be working on organizing more stuff but I also have shrubs that need to be trimmed. Since it has been so hot I just could not get outside to get it done. The dining room is getting more decluttered also but it is almost there. So I wanted to show this update.
  I have been busy but sometimes I look around and it seem nothing gets done. I still have days that I have a hard wave of grief and it comes at such odd times. If you look in the previous post you will see a Christmas cactus on the table...well, all I was doing was carrying it across the room when I burst into tears. That was my Mother's flower and each year when she want to Florida I would take care of it for her. She put white paper and a red ribbon on it so it would be beautiful for me for Christmas. But last summer when she came home she told me to keep it for a while longer...then she passed away. Just picking it up and moving it brought such strong emotions...I miss my parents every day...every single day.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

As Promised..after pictures of the livingroom

 As I promised I am sharing some of the updates of my living room. I a later post I will try to find the before pictures....but for today this is where we are at! This is my new furniture and carpeting. I know you can't tell but it is a shag and I am loving it!
 The sellers cabinet was in a different area of my home and the dishes inside were my Mother's and her Mother's before her. They give me comfort to have them close to me.
 This is the view of the two matching chairs..looks like I could have straighten them up a little but you get the idea. The lamps and stands and stuff is what I already had..
 Just another view. You probably noticed that I have not shown you the other side where the fireplace is but it is not finished...I will share as we work on that side too.
 I picked the up at a sale of French Hen Farms in the spring.
And finally a picture of inside the coffee table....more pictures are pending...
If  you have some ideas let me know...this is still in progress..
I am linking up this week..take a peek.Whipperberry

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We are Making Progress

  In keeping everything real I wanted to show you what our home has been looking like for a few weeks. This is the foyer and it is packed with most of our furniture. It has been such a mess. Putting down new flooring effects the entire house.

 And in the midst of this we decided to make over our shower before the new flooring went down so this is what we found when we took our shower out. Wonder how old that is and how long it has been there.
 Then here is the dust and the tools to contend with..
 But the new show is wonderful...fabulous..
And finally done too.
  The flooring is done and we are now moving furniture around. I will try to snap more pictures tomorrow but just remember that we are still in progress! This has taken much longer than I had anticipated so I am hoping we are happy with the result....we will see once we are back to one piece.
  Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! W