Friday, November 2, 2012

New furniture in Red

Well, I spent all summer taking all the color out of my living room and then what do I do? I put a red cabinet back in the corner. But who could resist this little red cutie? I knew when I saw her that she would be mine. I decided for Christmas she could stay in the living room but then it will be moved upstairs to our spare room.
I didn't have any more lights for the bottom shelf but I promised you a picture and I was excited for you to see it! I still have garland to add to the top and more lights but I will show you another picture then too.
This is the before picture. I moved this cabinet into the dining room and I will show you a picture of it tomorrow!


Betsy's Basket Blog said...

I LOVE it!! Every room needs a pop of red in my opinion!!

Meggie said...

LOVE the red cabinet! I can see why you had to make it yours.

David said...

I thought Red might not look good but it is really looking fantastic!

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