Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Flooring has Arrived...finally

   This is what my living room is looking like today. A few days ago our new wood floor finally was delivered and tomorrow we start the process of getting new wood floors.We have been waiting about
6 weeks so I am excited but I am also so tired. I just want them to be done.
This is a close up view of the floor. It is actually darker than it looks. The  painting has been done for quite some time so it will be about cleaning after the floor is installed. I will be happy to get back to decorating when this is done. Since the walls were painted I haven't really decorated since I knew everything would just be a mess so instead the walls are bare and I am bored with that,
  I have been searching for some new curtains and I never dreamed they would be difficult to find. I can't even find material that I like so I could make them. But I will continue the search while I decided about furniture placement. Anyone want to come and play and rearrange. The flooring should be done some time next week.
  I actually just got back from a short vacation...I cant believe I would leave with my home in such a mess but I needed a little break so off I went...just in time for the flooring to arrive.
  We still have furniture to move and I am exhausted. Today I have been missing my Dad...first one without a few tears...he always came over to eat on the holidays. I will keep you posted as the progress continues this week...there is so much more to tell.

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