Friday, June 1, 2012

Buyer Beware Simmons Mattress

 I wanted to share our experience with our Simmons mattress. We purchased our Simmons mattress a few years ago and fell in love with it. It is a pillow top mattress and it was so comfortable. Just recently we noticed that there was a dip in my hubby's side of the bed right at the hip area which was enough to cause him discomfort. I got out the paperwork and to make this story shorter...someone came out..yes it was defective .BUT...... since my hubby sweats when he sleeps (and yes we have a mattress cover on the bed) their is a slight brown voids the warranty. The stain is so slight that the man who was here asked me if it was a stain.
  Now, I am not going to lie and have to answer for it later...yes there was a slight stain. But that did not make the bed defective and we all know it. They told me that the very day you get a stain you have to report it....but of course it would have voided my warrant anyways.... It would have been nice to have them at least give us a discount on our next purchase. Nope. We paid over $700 for just the mattress.
  It makes me frustrated  and admittedly a little sad. It seems there is always a catch, a reason that they don't have to stand behind their product and here we are...the consumer left with disappointment. So I will move this mattress to the spare room for now and find another mattress that will suit our needs and I will ask a lot of questions, questions and more questions. But in the end all I can do is what is right.
  I will do what it takes to make our lives dear hubby we are in the market for a new mattress....
  On a side note...hubby is putting a new shower unit in the bathroom so by Sunday I am hoping to show you the pictures. The flooring with not be down by then but you will be able to see the shower. It is so beautiful....and I picked up a few new handles for my kitchen cabinets so I have 3 different choices on right now...they are so Hope you are well.


Donetta said...

Snakes in the grass!
Hope you found a good replacement.
Just stopped in to say hello. Sitting here sleepless late at night. Slowed down enough to come by visiting.

~Backroad Treasures~ said...

I am not sure what brand ours is, we purchased ours at Sam's club, I will have to pull the papers, we have had to take it back once already, within 6 months, on my dh side a dip happened as well, we got a new one, it has been exactly 6 months and it has done it again on the new one. I am going to contact the company, this is crazy, he isn't a huge man 6'3 225 bls. Where did you purchase yours? It does make you mad. We live in northeast Ohio.


Linda, NE Iowa said...

What a rotten way to run a business. You should have told him you were going to post your experience on the internet!

I bought a new mattress about a year ago and it's ok. Am thinking about getting a bunch of feather pillows and sleeping on top of them. :o)