Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paint Choices

 Ok so some of you have asked what I am up to so I thought I would share my colors. These are the three shades I have chosen so far. They look much darker on the internet that they do in my hand.
    The silver dust is what I think is going on the wall. I have to be very careful that it doesn't take on a pink cast since my woodwork is cherry.  The seashell gray I think is going on the ceiling. My ceiling are very tall and I don't want them to make my room cold so I think a little darker shade will help. Filtered shade is going on the molding...or it is going to be a semi gloss white...not sure. But then that is why they are called testers, right!!!!!
  I have three rooms that are open to each other so as of now this is the theme. I will not have a chance to get them on the wall until saturday unless I get a bust of energy after work..not likely! lol
I am always open to more ideas if you have them!!!!

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