Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

 Well, the tree is last. It has seemed like such a big job, not because it was difficult just because I haven't felt like decorating it this year.
 But I dug out the the vintage ornaments and just got started. I adore these old ornaments and I must admit they make me smile!!
 I hope you enjoy my little pieces of heaven.Not the best pictures but you can get the feel for it!
I must admit that I am just finishing the decorating. But yet the front porch is not done so that is my goal for this week. I am going to get out there and see what I can do with a few new lights! We will see what happens once I get started....more pictures to come!


Brenda said...

Thats a beautiful tree!!


Debbie said...

Your tree is beautiful! I too love the vintage ornaments!!

God Bless~

annie said...

I love your ornaments, such personal heart string tied things they are. I love the old ones I have from my childhood, they seem to speak to me in familiarity. You have a beautiful tree!