Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Christmas pictures

 Well, I am almost ready for work but I wanted to share a little more of the living room. This is our front window it faces the road which is west. It takes all the wind so I have started to hang the wreath on the inside of our home. Somehow I am stuck on a snowflake them so I guess I am just going to go with it!! I spent most of the day yesterday working in this room! The tree I found at a garage sale!
 This is a closer look at the snowflakes. They are wooden and I have had them for many years!
 Sitting in the window is a star and from the outside it is way cool...it is kinda lame in this picture!
 Off to the left is the buffet with the red striped trees and this is the rest of the design. I forgot to take a picture with it all together but I will do that later!
My bottle tree collection. I love them...not a good picture but I still love them. I hope you enjoyed this little tour and tomorrow I will show you some areas of glam and glitter!~

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annie said...

Lovely, just lovely!