Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stitching update...and a new find

 I pray you are having an enjoyable day. We are having fireworks tonight i our little town. I love the fireworks but it makes me sad that we don't watch them together as a family like we did when the girls were small. We would go early and the girls would play and eat snacks before the fireworks began, those were fun days!

Wanted to share the progress I have made. i do like the poison apple a little better but if I stitch this pattern again I may just change this color. I do hope Mom loves it!
Look what I found...Oh I adore them. This is just the beginning of my make over for my living room and dining room. i am not painting just collecting item as I see them. These beauties were 80% off at Hobby Lobby so there were very reasonable...I mean cheap!
  Mom was looking well yesterday and was in very good humor. She is such a treasure. We had a project we were going to work on before she got sick so this week I am going to take all the stuff to her home and make it with her watching if she doesn't feel like helping. I know she will enjoy it if she is having a good day. I will be sure to share the pictures when I get it done!. Blessings be with you.


Donetta said...

enjoy her and your time together
love the stitch work

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It is a thing of beauty.
Glad your Mom is able to be home. You are so sweet to want to do things with her. I'm sure she is happy for your company. Enjoy this time. It is a gift.