Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well... Happy Easter to you all!!!
For the last six weeks we have been having a group of teens into our home on Monday nights for a study leading up to Easter. We should be praying for our youth. Their family life is so different from ours...much sadness, confusion, and many are searching for answers in very bad places. My dh contemplated and then said..."we can't adopt all of them!" He was so serious...I had to smile. They do have families and I wonder what their parents are doing...but I am sure they are doing their best just as we are so...prayer is the answer.
A dear friends hubby died on Sunday. He was to be baptized Sunday afternoon...it will be a sad and difficult time for her. She is a strong Christian friend and she has many family members near but it will be a difficult Easter for them.
There seems to be so much going on and one thing starts before another stops...life.
I am so blessed that I have a Father in Heaven that cares about my needs and my worries and is willing to guide me when I am lost.
Have a blessed week and remember...HE is Risen!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few spring projects

Been working on putting a few things in my garden...the window used to be in my living room if you look back far enough on my blog you will see it. I thought it might be nice to put it somewhere for the summer. I know it is early but I have so much to do. But today we have snow mixed with rain so no more raking and cleaning outside.

We are now working on the inside of my garden shed. I would love to someday put a small shop inside but for now i would just like the electric to be done.

No stitching just a couple of kids not feeling well...I think I am tired and the weather is dreary so until next time...be blessed.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Table runner...and spring..

I spent a little time working on a table runner yesterday. I want to hand it where the quilt in now hanging. I am making the same size as my table runners so if I am tired of it hanging I can then put it on the coffee table or kitchen table.
I have more work to do on it but you can see what I have started. I am not sure I like the little gray face on the sheep but since I have it stitched I guess it is staying that way.
I have not worked on CaHRH since I finished the first three blocks. I have been working outside when we have some sunshine. But today is cold and windy so I am staying inside until the teens get here. My dh and I lead a Bible study on Monday nights for the teens...we feed them supper and then study. It has been fun and sad and informing...we have one more week and then it will be done. I am kinda sad to see them go.

Do you remember the yellow tulips that I planted last spring...I can see them..I wasn't sure if they would return.

These are the first little buds from my magnolia tree that we planted last fall. I am really excited that it has made it through the hard winter. The white in the background is the last little bit of snow.

I guess I am going to be boring today so I will get to work on dinner. Until next time, be blessed.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Mantle decorated and more CaHRH

Hello Bloggers!! It has been a busy time. I have been working on spring cleaning this past week. I think I have finished my spring mantle at least for now. It is still pretty gloomy here so this picture is a little dark but I think you can see I have gone with a sheep theme for my living room. There is one little primitive bunny thrown into the mix just to keep it fun but other wise I am happy with it.
I spent a day working on washing walls and all that stuff in my bedroom and then I moved on to my walk-in closet. If I had known it was going to take 4 days to organize that closet I would have skipped it..lol. It is done for the most part and all that stuff went to the goodwill...Many clothes and such that I have not worn this season are now gone. It feels so good to declutter!
I have started treasure boxes for the three girls. I found so many items I have been saving for them and as I was cleaning I found some of the little items that Mom's save...baby pictures, baby rings, little drawings..ect. Well next Christmas these treasure boxes will be one of their gifts, until then I will keep getting out their little keepsakes and placing them in the boxes. I saved a tiny diaper for each girl so they could see how small they were when I brought each of them home. It does take you down memory lane as you place the items into these boxes. Almost brings tears of joy as I remember when they were all so small. So now that the closet is done I am moving on the the last room I have to paint...just have to decide on a color!!! Sometimes that is easy and sometimes I miss it so I am hoping to take a cushion off my sofa when I go to choose the paint. The main problem is that this room doesn't really have enough windows..just two. One is on the north and another on the west so the light is not that great...I will let you know what I decide.

I have done a little work on my cross stitch project. Block three is now finished and I did get the missing floss for block 2 so once I finish the snow block two is also done. I didn't like stitching the apples too much, they were not difficult just a little boring...lol I think I am moving on to block 6 next because there is so much stitching and I know that my time is running out until after the graduation party so I am hoping to get a good start on if before the weather turns too nice!
I so enjoy reading your blogs. i don't always leave comments but it is fun to see what you are all up to....take care of yourselves. Until next time, be blessed.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

CaHRH block 3

Almost finished with this block. I still have a little design to put on the top and side and then I can return to block two. I did purchase the remaining floss for the snow on block two and 2 little peacocks....then I think I am going to move to block 6. Mainly I am moving to block 6 because there is so much stitching to do and if the weather would get nice I will be done stitching for a few month soooo..I am thinking it would be best to work on block 6 while we still have snow!
I have been spring cleaning and no it isn't that much fun.lol I am going to clean and declutter and then I am going to make my sister come over and redesign the whole closet for me.(she doesn't know that yet). lol I might even paint it if the time allows.
I am thinking of painting our "party room" as the girls call it. But when I finish the closet I am going to start decluttering and organizing it before the weather gets nice!
I have had a different couple of weeks...a lot going on.We are holding a Monday night Bible study for about 12 teens and it has been so interesting. You find out a lot about kids when you listen. Sometimes we try to plan too many activities for them but on Mondays we work on our lesson and feed them supper and then...we listen..it is very interesting.
I also had a revelation on a personal note...nothing I want to share but I am now aware of something that I wasn't before.
And lastly, I was asked to join our worship team this week and I am very excited. We have all live music and three services so I am really looking forward to that!!
Well, that is it for now. I am very tired and am thinking of napping or working on my closet or...well..visiting blogs!! Until next time, be blessed.