Monday, March 22, 2010

Table runner...and spring..

I spent a little time working on a table runner yesterday. I want to hand it where the quilt in now hanging. I am making the same size as my table runners so if I am tired of it hanging I can then put it on the coffee table or kitchen table.
I have more work to do on it but you can see what I have started. I am not sure I like the little gray face on the sheep but since I have it stitched I guess it is staying that way.
I have not worked on CaHRH since I finished the first three blocks. I have been working outside when we have some sunshine. But today is cold and windy so I am staying inside until the teens get here. My dh and I lead a Bible study on Monday nights for the teens...we feed them supper and then study. It has been fun and sad and informing...we have one more week and then it will be done. I am kinda sad to see them go.

Do you remember the yellow tulips that I planted last spring...I can see them..I wasn't sure if they would return.

These are the first little buds from my magnolia tree that we planted last fall. I am really excited that it has made it through the hard winter. The white in the background is the last little bit of snow.

I guess I am going to be boring today so I will get to work on dinner. Until next time, be blessed.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I love the the gray face because if you made it black it would blend in with the background. :) sooooo cute.

Things are blooming here too...especially weeds.


Linda said...

Crocus and some tulip leaves breaking thru the ground. Raining here as well. Oh well we make the best of it. Your runner is cute.

Meggie said...

I think I like the sheep's face being grey...nice contrast. It's been a long winter, makes it so much nicer to see signs of spring.

Linda said...

Dianntha, I think your sheep is sweet and I love the little grey face. I clicked on your runner and your stitching is wonderful so tiny and even....such nice work.

You know Spring is on the way when you see all the little buds on your tree...I'm glad it made it through Winter too....hugs, Linda