Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Mantle decorated and more CaHRH

Hello Bloggers!! It has been a busy time. I have been working on spring cleaning this past week. I think I have finished my spring mantle at least for now. It is still pretty gloomy here so this picture is a little dark but I think you can see I have gone with a sheep theme for my living room. There is one little primitive bunny thrown into the mix just to keep it fun but other wise I am happy with it.
I spent a day working on washing walls and all that stuff in my bedroom and then I moved on to my walk-in closet. If I had known it was going to take 4 days to organize that closet I would have skipped It is done for the most part and all that stuff went to the goodwill...Many clothes and such that I have not worn this season are now gone. It feels so good to declutter!
I have started treasure boxes for the three girls. I found so many items I have been saving for them and as I was cleaning I found some of the little items that Mom's pictures, baby rings, little drawings..ect. Well next Christmas these treasure boxes will be one of their gifts, until then I will keep getting out their little keepsakes and placing them in the boxes. I saved a tiny diaper for each girl so they could see how small they were when I brought each of them home. It does take you down memory lane as you place the items into these boxes. Almost brings tears of joy as I remember when they were all so small. So now that the closet is done I am moving on the the last room I have to paint...just have to decide on a color!!! Sometimes that is easy and sometimes I miss it so I am hoping to take a cushion off my sofa when I go to choose the paint. The main problem is that this room doesn't really have enough windows..just two. One is on the north and another on the west so the light is not that great...I will let you know what I decide.

I have done a little work on my cross stitch project. Block three is now finished and I did get the missing floss for block 2 so once I finish the snow block two is also done. I didn't like stitching the apples too much, they were not difficult just a little I think I am moving on to block 6 next because there is so much stitching and I know that my time is running out until after the graduation party so I am hoping to get a good start on if before the weather turns too nice!
I so enjoy reading your blogs. i don't always leave comments but it is fun to see what you are all up to....take care of yourselves. Until next time, be blessed.


Alice said...

You sure have energy I can do with. ; ) I like your Spring Mantle just like all the other seasons you portray. Nice progress on your Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow. Looking good.

Linda said...

Hi Does'nt it feel good to declutter. Love your stitches. I wish I had the patience.

Janet - underthewillow said...

wow you sure are busy Dianntha! your mantle looks fantastic!


Meggie said...

Oh Dianntha, I'm so jealous of your jump on spring cleaning! Walk in closets sure are nice to have, but one can accumulate lots of "stuff." And yes, it does feel good to declutter. Your mantle looks lovely. Good luck on the paint selection.

Linda said...

Happy Saint Pat's Day Dianntha!

You have been your Spring mantel and the memory boxes you are creating for the girls are wonderful keepsakes...they will love them.

CAHRH is looking lovely...hugs, Linda

Pumpkin said...

The sheep decor is you :o) Love it!

Ah spring cleaning...that will be coming up but luckily since we've only been here for a year, there won't be much to purge.

I love the idea about the keepsake boxes for your girls. So sweet :o)

Horray! It will feel good to have those two blocks done, I'm sure ;o)

BittersweetPunkin said...

I need to get my butt in gear...I have lots of weeding to do and tomorrow I am going to work on my Spring cleaning too.....I am a lil behind :)


Marion said...

Spring cleaning and de-cluttering seem to go hand in hand...and it feels so good when done!
Great Stitching!!
And the memory boxes...what a wonderful idea! I have SO much stuff that I saved that each of my 3 did!
Take care

cmoursler said...

wow, I love primitives.
I have some yellow ware reproduction bowls that i just love.
Love your primitive sheep theme.