Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sharing a Life Changing Moment

  This morning while I had a few minutes I took a few pictures of my decorations but my mind was wondering. I thought of a life changing moment that I had years ago and I feel like I wanted to share that story today instead of my Christmas photos. Not to worry, those photos will be coming soon too.
  When our dd was only 18 months old there was a tragic car accident and our neighbor and her children we terribly hurt.  Their small baby was killed and their other children were hurt too. I had gone to high school with them and the father was not only our neighbor but a friend.
   When we went to the funeral home my dd looked at that little baby and thinking that she was sleeping, started to sing her a lullaby. When I reached to stop her the baby's daddy said...let her is ok.  So there she stood..her little back to us..facing that baby and she sang that little baby to sleep. Needless to say, I cried all the way home. A life changing moment for them and for me.
  They had lost their baby but were thankful that eventually the other children would be ok...I was grateful for my child and the compassion she had shown for that little baby.
   We eventually had 2 more children but that moment is forever with me. Even now, as I think about that moment I cry.  I cry for all the moments they missed...I cry because I am so blessed.
   When our oldest children was ready to go to kindergarten ( remember I was teaching then) I knew that I could not send her. I had been given an awakening. Our days are precious and few. I wanted to spend them with my children...teaching, loving, laughing. I was not willing to give that up...even for a pay check.
   Why am I sharing this story??/ I am not sure...I am hoping that we all hold our days dear...we count our little blessings..we cherish the time with our children. Our dd is now 22 and their little daughter would have been almost 21...
   Sometimes our life changes in a moment, for me this was that moment. I went from a working mom..taking classes to get my Master's degree in Supervision that moment I started to reevaluate how I was spending my days.
   Within a few years I was home with my children and a home schooling mom.  This is now my last year of home schooling. My children will all be graduated from our little school..we have two in college and one heading that way next year. Maybe another life changing moment is coming...Have a blessed day with your family..Rejoice ...Our Redeemer Lives.


Linda said...

Oh my, you are so right. Each and every hour of the day, our children need to be hugged kissed and and told thatwe love them. Each day is precious. Thanks for sharing.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Thanks for sharing your revelation, your awakening. I worked from home until my kids were in middle school and by then, I have my teaching certificate and could teach other children, as well. There are a lot of precious memories from those days. I think that life and circumstances have changed parenting perhaps too much. I loved being able to be with my children as they grew up. I think it is crime against nature that so many women HAVE to work away from home, leaving their children for someone else to mold.
Every day IS precious!
Thank you so much for sharing today. You've made me count my blessings!

Farmchick said...

OH dear....that post did bring tears to my eyes. Our time with our children...our loved ones is so precious. I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with our children...

Hope your Thanksgiving was great. )

cynthia lee designs said...

Reading your post today brought tears to my eyes. Each day is precious and is a blessing. We should always hug and tell our children, spouses, family, & friends how much they mean to us and that we love them, because we never know who short our time on this earth might be.
Thanks for sharing your life changing moment.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a beautiful post!
Your daughter was doing this from her heart because children do things from their heart - true and honest. Bless all them.


natalie said...

Things can change so quickly, can't they? Each day is a gift. Thank you for sharing this sweet story.

Lili Bear said...

This is the most touching story I have ever read. And I read a lot... You should be a writer, because you have such sensitivity and skill to share things. Thank you for sharing this, I will never forget.
Sending warm Xmas hugs to you and yours.

Vaida said...

I almost started crying just imagining your daughter singing to that poor dead baby... you're right, we have to cherish every moment we have
I'm also homeshooling our eldest daughter for the third year, and I'm getting more and more convinced that my other children will also benefit more from homeshooling than from uniform teaching in school.

Thanks for leaving your kind comment on my blog!