Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hannah Montana came for a visit!

Yes, Hannah Montana and the Garden Gnome visited us on Halloween and I think they were the cutest little tikes. They were the only two tricksters we had but they are so sweet. Thanks Amy, for bringing them by, I know it was out of your way but it was a delight to see them.
 If you think they look like you have seen them before...yes a few posts back you will see them without the costumes....too cute.

I have started a Christmas cross stitch design that I will be sharing (as soon as I get more done). I decided to work on putting all the decorations away and doing a little cleaning before I start with the Christmas decorations. I always have all the decorations out for Thanksgiving so it really is not that far away. It is amazing how little time it takes to put the decorations away considering it took me days to put them in just the right places.

 The little shop that I work in has  been putting out all the Christmas decorations. It is our open house on Nov. 12th so we have been making the place shine. If the owner doesn't care I will share a few pictures from the shop before the Open house.
 And finally,  my parents made it to Florida safely and I am so happy about that but I am sad that they are gone again...missing the holidays once more...and so far away. It doesn't matter how old you are, you still want to share the holidays with your parents. But thankfully they are settled in for a warm winter. Until next time, be blessed.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

What kind of a shop do you work at? Is it a prim shop? Can't wait to see pics. Thanks, Dawn

Linda said...

Your little visitors were so cute!
I just finished putting Halloween away and I decorate for Thanksgiving then comes Christmas...no wonder it feels like time is flying:). I hope you are able to share open house pictures....I went to one last week and it got me so in the mood for Christmas...hugs, Linda

Donetta said...

Love it! A garden gnome that is the cleverest ever!
your wool cover is beautiful!

Marie said...

The children are adorable. Christmas is going to be here before we get turned around.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lili said...

Well, I sure recognized Hannah Montana at first sight! This little lady has a bright future in sight. ;)
Love the wool runner!
I can't wait for Xmas. And I sure agree that it's amazing how long it takes to place them and how little time to put them away. Yet, as putting them away is always a saddening thing, whereas displaying them is such a delight, it's all OK with me. :)))

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Ha ha! So cute! Hannah was at our house last year!

Linda said...

Dianntha...I know this is a busy time, but I was thinking of you and just wanted to say hello...hugs, Linda