Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation over and moving on!

Well, finally I have a moment to breathe!! The graduation party is over and I thought you might want a peek at the table. A dear friend prepared all the food and served and she just does a wonderful job!!! She is a preschool teacher and I think you can see how creative she is!

I can finally pick up a needle and finish some of my projects that have been waiting for me to return. I have been following some of you that are stitching and I am so excited to find some new patterns very soon.

The weather here has been so rainy....this was our front yard the day before the party! Thankfully it was all gone the next morning!!! I will be around to visit you...blessings.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

The feast looks awesone...and so glad the graduation went well as well as the party.

Hugs, Karen

Laurie said...

Glad the party went well and you were able to dodge the raindrops!

Cookie said...

everything looks so fresh and delicious! nothing beats a summertime party, right?


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