Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A peek at the graduate!

This is the dear child that graduated this past weekend. She loved this picture so I decided to use it so you could get a peek at her. She has been taking classes at a community college all year so she is a little ahead of the game....
I was going to sweep the pool today but the temperature was 68 degrees...freezing. There is no way I am getting wet with that cold water today. Since the graduation I have been taking it easy for a few days. But we have a rental that needs cleaned and made ready so I think I am going to get busy soon.
I did pick up my stitching today and I am making a little progress on that project. I will share a pic soon. I am thinking of starting back up on CaHRH very soon too since I want it to be done by October.
I do have a few make overs to share too...as soon as I take a few pictures.
I did go for a walk today before the rain and it was so peaceful and the birds were singing...it was nice. Until next time...Be Blessed.


Busym1 said...

Congrads to the grad! My son graduated this year also! I have a pic of him on my blog, he has no idea or he'd be mad! Hugs

Janet - underthewillow said...

congrats to your graduate! that is a great pic!

the walk you took sounds lovely....enjoy the rest of the week!


Laurie said...

Beautiful picture - that blue top makes her lovely eyes really stand out.

I'm not sure which is worse - the hot rain we've had or the cold rain we now have. Ohio...eeesh... LOL!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Congratulations to your Graduate :)..and that IS a lovely picture indeed.

Lili said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! This is great news!

Robin said...

Congrats to you and your daughter. But I am confused.....the pic looks like she is under a pier at the ocean and the last time I check there are no oceans in Ohio? Maybe I need to get my globe out. Been following your progress with WW too. I'd do better if I counted my points inside of trying to remember or 'thinking' I am within range. I am commiting all the classic mistakes. I did join my local Y this week and have a girl friend as an exercise partner. So far it is great.....let's hope I have a buff back for the spaghetti strap dress for my son's wedding! Keep up the good work and remember it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change....for me it is just being conscious of what I shove in my cake hole!

PS I know what you mean about the birds. Some days their chorus seems so loud and it is unending as I work in the yard or sit on the deck. I love it and it makes me feel at peace and spiritual at the same time.

Have a great and safe weekend.