Friday, June 11, 2010

More of the family gathering!

I wanted to share a few more pictures of Delaney's graduation party(by request). So here are a few more.

Delaney's graduation table...she loves purple and that was the color of her graduation...lots of purple and silver decorations. This table featured all the usual things plus all her trophys..we are proud of her!

Delaney's grandmother who baked all the cakes and her cousin.

Delaney's aunt who forgot she wasn't twenty, climbed over a fence and broke her ankle! This is a shot before the party started.

Delaney with her great aunts...they were so sweet that day!

My gardens are starting to come alive so I will be posted a few pictures of that and the cross stitch that I am working on. Stay blessed.

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Busym1 said...

Looks wonderful....we had to cancel our party for David due to severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings....we don't know when it will be now, I have a shower to plan for July. Your decorations are pretty! Congrads again to your daughter! hugs