Thursday, May 27, 2010

The porch is decorated and ready to go!!!

Our middle daughter was inducted into National Honor Society on her college campus last weekend. This is a picture of her with her sisters!! We are so proud of her. She is actually a high school senior but has been taking college classes all year. She had an ear infection and a sinus infection that day so she was a trooper to just smile and make the best of it.

This morning I decided to take some time and decorate the front porch for summer. With Memorial day so close I decided to use a red, white and blue theme this year...I painted the floor a few days ago and some of the trim to give it a crisp clean feel. Now it will be done for our graduation party that is fast approaching.
I used everything that I had on hand...I may add a few geraniums to the mix but otherwise I think it is complete...what do you think?
Very hot here today...I decided against working outside this afternoon...I have a meeting and a softball game so I guess I am taking the afternoon off!!!
Have a safe weekend. Blessings!


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Dianntha!....Congratulations to your daughter!

Your porch looks so fresh and clean and what charming furnishings you have there! the quilt with the chair cushions!


Linda said...

Dianntha, your porch is just beautiful and most inviting....I'm coming by to enjoy your swing and then sit and stitch in your comfy chairs.

Cute,cute, cute girls. I hope your daughter is feeling better...hugs, Linda

Loraine said...

Looks great! Love all the flags and quilts. Can't leave those out too long, or the sun will fade them :(.
Congrats to your daughter.

Laurie said...

Beautiful porch! I'd just love to curl up on that swing with my knitting...

Many congratulations to your daughter - and hope she feels better soon. I had a sinus/ear infection a couple months ago...SO painful!!!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Dianntha the porch looks wonderful!

Congrats to your daughter!


Alice said...

Wow Dianntha, it looks great! What a job too. Send me some of that energy please. : )You have three lovely daughters.

Meggie said...

The porch looks great, Dianntha! I bet you spend lots of time there on warm summer nights. Graduations are such exciting times for families. Have fun!

KKL Primitives said...

I LOVE your porch Dianntha - it's beautiful!!!
As are your daughters!!