Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a little update

I am not at my computer so I won't be able to post any pics today but I just wanted to fill you in on the happenings.
Mother's Day was a lot of fun...spent Saturday with my Mother and sister...lunch and a day of shopping...many laughs.
Sunday I was on the worship team for our morning services then off to the zoo with my hubby and was so packed...we had to laugh. We stayed until they closed and had a great time. We then went to supper at Max and Erma's and finally back home.
Since then I have been working on cleaning out the if you think I am sharing a way...but I will once it is cleaned. LOL Not isn't that bad this year..thank goodness..mostly just moving things around and cleaning ect. It has been rainy and I can only spend a few hours before I get too cold.
And finally....we had our first softball game last night...rain and all and what a game. We had 4 girls hit home runs but one of our daughters hit a home run with the bases loaded...what a great hit. We won 13 to was fun to see the girls work together and have such success.
Well, I will try to post again soon...I have some beautiful plants blooming...will try to share. Until next time, be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the cold here in Michigan as well! I'm certainly ready for a high of 75 and a gentle breeze. You?

Linda said...

Been cold and wet here too. Bring on the heat.

cindy said...

You are a busy woman that is for certain.
I poked around on your blog, I'm going to follow if you don't mind.