Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving ornaments 2007

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...and I thank the Lord for those who decided to share our home and meal. We had a delightful full house of friends and family. The weather was very chilly with snow flurries so dh and his brother were rather cold as the spent the morning near the garage frying the turkeys but they didn't complain an ounce. I wanted to take a pic of them pulling the turkeys from the fryers but of course I totally forgot until they had it all carved!! So instead I will share pics of our new ornaments. For some reason I didn't get very good shots but I think you will be able to at least get a glimpse of each one. We had 26 people of all ages in our ornament exchange this year...that is a record. I will post the other two pics tomorrow (my computer is running slow)

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