Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Thoughts For the Motherless

Since my Mom passed away I have barely decorated my porch. I have neglected it or placed just a few little things out there that I didn't need to change. I wonder if the neighbors have noticed.
Every morning I would sit on the porch swing and drink my coffee and chat with Mom on the phone. Half of the year she would be about 15 miles from me and the other half, she would be in Florida. We would talk about the girls, about gardening or about our plans for the day. In the winter I would put on my coat and gloves and swing a little while we laughed about me freezing.  Many days she would spend with me but we still chatted everyday.
I no longer sit on the swing nor do I decorate it much. It makes me sad. Today I placed some summer items out there and that will be about it till fall. This year I will not switch out to Red, white and blue. I may switch the flowers if they die but I don't enjoy the swing. Last year I almost had my hubby take the swing down but my daughter enjoys the swing some days so it will remain for now.
  Mother's Day is a hard day. It makes me smile and it makes me cry. I saw cardinal pairs the last few days and I believe it is a gentle reminder that Mom and Dad are safe and happy in their new home in Heaven. It gives me some comfort. For now, I will remember her kind, loving heart and I will try my best to be more like her and to love my kids unconditionally just like she did me. Missing you, Mom. Love your Mom, Hug her, talk to her...send her flowers for no reason....don't take her for granted...she will be gone one day. Until we meet again!


Phyllis said...

I hate to see you give up your swing. I too loved my Mom and when she visited we sat on the swing. I just wrap my memories of her around me and it helps to be in the swing. I feel your pain. Phyllis

Deb Sarley said...

In just read your blog. I am so sorry for your loss. I was an only child and lost my mom over 6 years ago. At first, I too didn't want the memories, it hurt too much. But now that time has past, I fondly look at her personal items that I have with love, and am so glad that I kept them. They are a connection with her even though she is gone. My point is, I think you should keep the swing. As time passes and you learn to live with her being gone, you may find a connection with that swing and the good times that you had on it talking to mom. I think it you will be happy you did. God bless you.