Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another China Cabinet Compete

The last two days I have been priming and painting furniture. I actually think I am just burning off nerves as the wedding is so fast approaching. Since we are at a stand still with all the planning I starting working on some china cabinets. I forgot to take pictures of them finished but I will give you a look at the before. The wood was not too good looking but I love the little drawers.
And here is a close up as the paint was drying. I love the way it turned out but I will post better pictures of it when I get back outside. I also finished another one and primer on the third so far. I will be glad to have a few more pieces finished since I sold one of our largest pieces and I have a big hole right now!
  I have some wedding shopping to do tomorrow and a fitting on Saturday and then I am hoping all the details are finished until the week of the wedding.

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