Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Furniture Finish

Hello Dear Friends,
  Today I was working on a little stand that I brought into the foyer. I painted it with Sweet Pickins milk paint. This is my first experience with milk paint so I mixed it up and gave it a try. I did a lot of stirring and then gave it a try. It was a little too watery so I added more paint and then it was better. I painted the top with chalk paint. I liked the milk paint and it covered the base paint very well. I was not happy when I saw the color, I guess I had ordered a different color than I had remembered. But in the end I do like the color once I got use to it. I have a few more colors to try out but in the end I am happy with the milk paint and I am hoping it sells at the art show.

Furniture and Chandy...anything better than that?

Hello Dear Friends,
  Can you tell I am tired of winter? I love the flower pattern on this little dresser. I thought about painting it pink to match the background but in the end the white won out. The shop is starting to take shape with bright colors and fun home decor. The porches are still a work in progress since out weather is still cold and snowy!
I found this cute little cupboard and give it a quick coat of paint. I may add a little stain but for now it is in my home....I might have to keep this one!
I didn't have time to finish decorating it this morning. I had too many appointments and meetings to get it done.
At one of the auctions I found this chandy and I knew it would have to go into my kitchen so hubby and I  hung it up yesterday. I may put shades on it if I find something I like!
But the good news is...I actually bought two, one for our Mother's Day Sale!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mud Season

Mud season is upon us and I remember why I am not partial to Spring. We have a pile of stone just waiting to be spread. The trees are getting trimmed  next week and then I can work on the leaves left from fall.
  There is mud everywhere right now so I happily wear boots for mud and not snow. Our driveway will come to life before long and then I will share another picture. Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Much To Do!

What a beautiful sunset we had a few days ago. It was actually more red than the picture shows but it was just wonderful to see.
My Hubby and I found this Sellers cabinet at an estate sale and he thought we needed it for the shop. I should have taken a picture of the front, it has the original stencil on the doors! I have started to dress it for the sale. This will be a fun piece to work with.
This large cabinet is going to  stay in the shop as a display and for spring it will be full of fun and delightful colors. I love the teal! I had a friend here yesterday that helped me work on the shop and we had such a great day. She will be coming back again next week to help again. I am on a mission to complete the inside so I can move on to the outside areas. I have so many ideas but today we are working on a project for the Art Show in April! I still have a few more pieces to furniture I would like to get painted so I am off to get started!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yeah, It's March

Yes, we are starting March with a fresh 5 inches of snow, but I continue to plan for Spring. We have been gathering the last few weekends but it is extremely difficult to work on furniture when there is so much snow.So we gather until the weather breaks!
There are a few signs in the shop that I have decided to bring into my home...this one I love!
It makes me smile when I read it and I guess that is a good reason to put it on a shelf
 We brought home a few pieces of furniture  the last few weeks..what do you think?

This one I picked up for my Neice...she is so in love with it. I knew she would be when I saw it.She will be coming to pick it up when the weather is better! She has been working like crazy in her gardens and now their home and I knew she would want something like this for her garden!
  I got a lot more furniture but no pics yet!