Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yeah, It's March

Yes, we are starting March with a fresh 5 inches of snow, but I continue to plan for Spring. We have been gathering the last few weekends but it is extremely difficult to work on furniture when there is so much snow.So we gather until the weather breaks!
There are a few signs in the shop that I have decided to bring into my home...this one I love!
It makes me smile when I read it and I guess that is a good reason to put it on a shelf
 We brought home a few pieces of furniture  the last few weeks..what do you think?

This one I picked up for my Neice...she is so in love with it. I knew she would be when I saw it.She will be coming to pick it up when the weather is better! She has been working like crazy in her gardens and now their home and I knew she would want something like this for her garden!
  I got a lot more furniture but no pics yet!


Primitive Stars said...

Happy March, love the first picture even though lots of snow. Beautiful treasures, loving the old bed frame. Blessings Francine.

hadi agustin said...

great post
beautiful pictures

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