Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Porch Tour...Here We Go!

Hello Friends, It has been such beautiful weather today. It is cool and breezy and just perfect for fall decorating. I have been thinking about what I was going to put on the front porch this year and then I decided with if I decorated with items that no one has purchased yet at my little store.
  So I went out back and collected items that were on those displays and thought I would give it a try. To be fair I did keep the wreath in the garage because I knew it was going on the front porch but the other one remains in the shop so it has not sole as of yet. It has beautiful indian corn all the way around it, I just love it.
   The old buckets have been for sale all summer so maybe they were meant for my porch as well. I love the metal signs, they go perfectly with my lockers and school desk as well.

The picnic basket was left from our summer sales and the large basket didn't sale but I love it for a front door and changing it for the season.
I will admit that the mail box I have been saving for my Christmas porch for Santa to pick up his letters! The red lantern just came in and probably will be a good item for our Christmas sale as well.

The garland was a little skimpy so I intertwined two different ones to make it look a little better for over the door.
I cut open a grape vine wreath to create the garland along the top of the lockers and around the basket. I am going to do that to some of the trees in the shop as well.
The porch was pretty easy to put together. I was thrilled that I has such a relaxing day to work on it. We have been so crazy busy I have been tired and wasn't sure where to begin so I took a week off and did do much in the shop since the last sale, even as the deliveries were happening I just kinda pushed them inside and thought I needed a break. I am so happy that I did. I have a new display that I am so happy is more a white fall look and I hope that my shoppers like it as much as I do. I will have to share a few pictures of it.
I finished my dining room decorating and I love the outcome. My living room is a little more toned down this year as well. I will be working on my back porch this week and of course back to getting the shop ready for our night sale! I am excited to share all the details of that as well.

Hope you have enjoyed my little tour...why don't you share yours as well????

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Karen Martinsen said...

I'd say it was to your advantage that some of those items didn't sell because now your porch is decorated just beautiful with 'shop items' - I love all the ways you used some of the vessels.
You are such a wonderful creator and designer.
And it is ALWAYS good to step back for awhile and 'forget' - makes things go much easier when you get back to them.