Monday, August 17, 2015

Thoughts from the Heart!

As I am sitting on my porch this morning I was looking at this beautiful tree in my front yard. It has grown into such a beauty! In the fall it is a brilliant gold and becomes so stunning that it is hard not to just gaze at it!
   August is a difficult month for me and as I looked at this tree this morning I was thinking how lonely it looks standing there until I noticed the corn field be hind it and the blue sky with the puffy sky and then I realized it wasn't alone at all! 
  One of the worst things about losing my parents is the loneliness. They were at my home almost every day and the adjustment to that loss has been slow and painful! So I realized today that I am not alone, they are there waiting for me. The celebration will begin once I meet them in Heaven. So today I sit on my porch swing before I begin my day and I gaze at our tree in wonder, the beauty, the enjoyment.... And this is nothing compared to what is to come! 

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